Monday, February 2, 2009

SOA and the Mainframe: Two Worlds Collide and Integrate; Adopting new JVM Languages; Actors in Groovy with GParallelizer; TheServerSide Now Using CAPTCHA

Key Enterprise Java News Headlines

TheServerSide Now Using CAPTCHA is now requiring you to go through the CAPTCHA process in order to post messages or responses.

JPA comparison: Hibernate, Toplink, OpenJPA, Eclipselink
This article is a performance comparison among the 4 most well known Java Persistence API (JPA) implementations: Toplink Essentials, EclipseLink, Hibernate and OpenJPA. Besides results and conclusions, the full test code is also available in the article in case you want to repeat the test yourself.

SVNKit 1.2.2, a pure Java Subversion library has been released
We are glad to announce that SVNKit 1.2.2 has been published and available for download at the web site.

Jailer 2.7.1 Released: DbUnit compatible Test Data Extraction
The Jailer development team is proud to announce the release 2.7.1, which now supports the DbUnit flat XML dataset file format, thus allowing the users of the famous JUnit extension DbUnit to use the extracted data for unit testing.

RichFaces 3.3.0 release: new components and features
Two new components were added to the RichFaces library with the current release, namely Rich Editor and The Improved Queue.

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