Saturday, March 12, 2011

Why to choose java?

#1 Works on different platform, a particular good bridge between Linux and Windows.
#2 mature both in terms of implementation as well as APIs
#3 rich library set
#4 large community, lots of research done using Java
#5 Well established
#6 Best performance
#7 dynamically adjustable to hardware (eg. video acceleration, Machine Code optimizing, etc).
#8 web and enterprise related libraries
#9 look-and-feel
#10 IDE support
#11 available with great documentation
#12 Multiple vendors provides implementations of the Java platform
Benefits of programming with the Java programming language and its APIs:
  • object-oriented paradigm - It's obvious.

  • garbage collection - no more stray pointer problems.

  • classloading - you can dynamically deploy more code after your device has been deployed.

  • multi-threading - threads are native in the Java platform. If you need it, you can implement multi-threaded solutions with ease.

  • robust security architecture - you can deployed fine-grained security control if you want. No need to re-invent your own, and risk inventing one that has security holes.

  • networking - standard APIs allow you to do networking easily.

Amit Ranjan
Java developer
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  1. It's hard to tell which one is more popular than the other. They both are great languages. The only differences are open vs close and Microsoft vs Linux/Unix. I think bigger companies choose Java, medium and small can go both ways. Language wise, both Java & C# share some similarities. STC Technologies

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