Friday, November 29, 2013

Structure programming vs Object Oriented Programming

Structured ProgrammingObject Oriented Programming
1. The program is represented as a logical structure 1. The program is written as a collection of objects which communicates with each other.
2. The flow of execution of the program is dependent on the structure of program. 2. The basic entity is object. Each computation is performed using objects only.
3. Code is given more importance i.e. taking care about what is happening. 3. Data is given more importance i.e. taking care about who is going to be affected.
4. Can handle upto moderately complex programs. 4. Can handle very complex programs.
5. Less Data security 5. Data security is higher.
6. Less Code Re-usability 6. More Re-usability
7. Less flexible 7. More flexible
8. Abstraction is less 8. Abstraction is more.
9. Debugging is quiet difficult 9. Easy debugging makes lower maintenance cost.
10. This is top-down approach. 10. This is a bottom-up approach.
11. Presence of global variables increase chances of accidental change in data 11. Data hiding feature prevents accidental change in data.

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